Renewable and Wave Energy


Modified Magnetic Wave Generator Systems Configurations

The Modified Magnetic Wave Generators  all consist of known laws of science that are arranged or constructed in unique, non-obvious configurations to produce alternative energy, purified water, unique modes of transportation and utilizing the by-product of purifying water to significantly benefit in the production of bio-fuels.

All Modified Magnetic Wave Generator units are totally eco-friendly, use no fossil fuels, are virtually self-sustaining, with energy generating capabilities, renewing itself approximately every nanosecond of time. Most units use neither wind, nor solar energy systems. However, theses energy producing systems can be incorporated with the Modified Magnetic Wave Generator concepts to provide safe, clean, reliable energy, purified water, transportation, an even assist in food production by supplying irrigation-grade water from polluted rivers.

One of our systems has the potential to power up to 250 average American homes.  Because these systems are designed to work in multiplies, a farm of these systems could potentially supply enough energy to power and entire mid-size city or islands. 

Modified Magnetic Wave Generator Sliding Potential Aquatic Railing Kinetic System (MMWG-SPARKS)

The (MMWG-SPARKS) unit uses hydrokinetic subsurface ocean energy, with the help of a specially- designed wing foil, to produce mechanical energy at its pivotal fulcrum point. This type of energy is both reliable and predictable, while producing a rhythmic to-fro action upon a modified generator system that requires no motor or batteries to operate. Using Faraday’s, Maxwell’s, and other laws of science, MMWG produces clean, and very inexpensive electrical energy. In fact, a leading technological university has conservatively estimated that enough hydrokinetic force can easily be developed by each 20ft X 14ft X 14ft MMWG unit to produce enough electrical alternative energy to power 250-300 average American homes.

Modified Drinkable Sea Water Efficient Energy Technology
Avoids Depletion of Existing Water Sources

Modified Drinkable Sea Water Efficient Energy Technology (MDSWEET)unit is designed to use the same hydrokinetic energy that provides fluid dynamic pressure within water desalination and filtration systems. But, it uses this energy without requiring any mechanical pumps, motors, hazardous fuels, or precious resources to produce significant amounts of desalinated sea water. Of course, this water can be used for everything from drinking and manufacturing to food production and making alga bio-fuel. The best part is that this technology does not tap existing water sources.

At the same time, the MMWG-SPARKS energy unit and the MDSWEET water purification unit can either be stand-alone units or be configured to work together using the same energy force.