Clean and Green Technologies

Clean Water, Viable Alternative Energy

Some things are simply evident. Human survival is inextricably tied to an ample supply of water and energy.  At present, humanity and advanced civilizations, in particular, are at a crucial intersection as we seek to manage the crises of resource shortages. Water is non-negotiable for human and animal life. There is no substitute for it.

Global demand for water and energy continues to grow. At this point, oil is an integral part of food production and distribution throughout the world.  It is imperative that that we seek sustainable, alternative energy sources.

The United States, China, Russia and the European Union are currently the top contributors of carbon emission. These countries have the greatest environmental impact and contribute the most heavily towards climate change, yet these are not the countries that will suffer the majority of the impacts.  Already impoverished nations throughout Africa and Southeast Asia are predicted to suffer most in the form of increased drought and coastal flooding. Therefore, we have a deep, moral obligation to help offset the negative impacts that threaten these regions already struggling regions of the world.

In short, we must find innovative sustainable methods of ensuring that people have access to clean, consumable water and viable alternative energy to safeguard human survival. Appropriate action is critical and paramount in order to maintain this planet as a suitable habitat for human life.

“Today’s Technology for Tomorrow’s World”